Sewcialist Inspiration!

Hi everyone!

I am excited to write a post here at Sewcialists! My name is Elke, I am the author of the German sewing blog Elle Puls. I used to sew some things when I was a teenager, but my real love for sewing started 5 years ago, when my daughter was born. The first clothes I made were for her and her 2 older brothers. Soon I realized that it makes more sense to sew for myself, since I am quite tall (182 cm). The days of flood pants were over! I love creating my own style which fits. Sewing for myself came with some questions, such as who I want to be and what I would like to express with my clothes. Do you know what I mean? So my blog was and is a way to express my thoughts on all of these personal style questions but I also post pattern reviews, sewing patterns and sewing tutorials.

When I read Gillian’s call for writers, I immediately applied because I want to share with you  5 inspiring German bloggers. There are so many fantastic sewing blogs around the world. I admire so many of them, but I would like to take the chance to give you a glimpse into the very active German sewing community.

Sewing would only be half as inspirational without all of these talented women showing their creations in blogs, on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Here we go:


Andrea from anlukaa has a great Instagram account where she posts new clothes almost on a daily basis. She loves creating and wearing fashionable sporty styles. In summer she adds a splash of colour and some playful details, somewhat Ibiza inspired; in winter she creates more monochrome styles. Very positive and inspirational! I especially love the bags she makes. My tribute project would be this bag. I love how she dyed it and the little details.


Julia Jamei

Julia Jamei is a fashion lover and sewing enthusiast. She creates amazing couture dresses for herself and has even made a bridal dress for her friend. She even made a professional looking skiing onesie.


This dress is fantastic! She won the second prize in a burdastyle competition in Germany.

Mein gewisses Etwas

Sindy, the woman behind the blog Mein gewisses Etwas, has a more minimalist approach to her wardrobe. We have been in a capsule wardrobe project together and ever since she has refined her minimalist style. “Mein gewisses Etwas” means “that certain something” and that is what you can find on Sindy´s blog. If I could choose one thing from her wardrobe it would be this dress she made for “Sew my Style”:


Hochhaus für Hasen

Yvonne from Hochhaus für Hasen is such a creative woman! The translation of her blog name is “Skyscraper for Rabbits”. She makes the most amazing stuff out of old clothes and haberdashery goods. But beware, you won’t find anything minimalist in her wardrobe or house. Her creations have all the bells and whistles you can imagine. She paints and prints on fabric, adds sequins and edgings, you name it. She mainly sews home decor and clothes for her teenage daughter. I can hardly believe how creative she is. A tribute project? This is a hard one. I don’t think I can come anywhere near to what she does, but I guess I would make a pile of colourful pillows.


Or should I rather go for this bag made from an old leather jacket? I love upcycling projects!


Manu from Emilea Berlin is an inspiration for all those jersey fabric lovers in Germany. Her unmistakable hair style is her trade mark. She shows lots of jeans and shirt styles as well as jersey dresses. All of her makes have a little detail, that make them special. My tribute project would be a shirt like this:

vb13 (2)

Or rather this rain coat?

So what do you think about these different German blogs? Which one did inspire you for a new project? I would love to hear your thoughts.