Sewing bloggers who inspire me

Hi there, I’m Wis, a 57-years old sewist from Ghent (Belgium). I teach history and when I don’t teach, I sew. I started sewing at the age of 20 and sewed intensely for 15 years. Then a full-time job and three young children forced me to stop. Those were the mid-nineties and only the beginning of the www-era. There was no such thing as a sewing community yet. About 10 years ago I started to read blogs and in doing so, I discovered several sewing blogs. Reading them sparked my love for sewing anew. That is why I call myself a reborn sewist!

So, let me introduce some of the sewing bloggers from all over the world who inspired me to get to sewing again and to keep on sewing.

male pattern boldness

1. Male Pattern Boldness || Peter Lappin

The blog of Peter is one of the first sewing blogs I bookmarked. Peter is a native New Yorker who sews every garment you can think of on his vintage sewing machines. He sews for himself, his partner, his mother, his friends, his identical cousin Cathy, and also for private clients. He uses a lot of vintage patterns but also patterns which are self-drafted. I love the blog posts about the sewing, drafting, and draping-classes he takes at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). These posts inspired me to search for pattern drafting classes in my neighborhood, which I found!
He has this amusing feature on his blog about the weirdest vintage patterns: ‘Name that pattern’. On top of that, he has his own blog day since 2011: the MPB Day. Isn’t that a true sewcialist happening? A day where you can visit an exhibition together with other sewists, swap patterns, go fabric hunting and discuss all kind of sewing relating topics. I envy everybody who is able to attend this day.



2. Sew DIY || Beth

Beth is a sewist who lives on the other coast of the US (LA). She is a great role model of a sewist and sewing blogger. Her sewing and her blog are so consistent in style (mine is eclectic!). She also designs patterns and I was lucky to test the Nita Wrap Skirt for her.
On her blog there are also some technical features for sewcialists. It was here that I learned about Snapseed: a photo editing app that I now try to use. I also admire her for launching the #sewingtall hashtag. Tall persons have to lengthen every pattern they sew. Being 1,81m myself, I can totally relate to that.
She will also be my inspiration for August Tribute Month. I am so in love with her V9075 that I am going to make one myself in August.


3. Anne Whalley || Anne

This amazing Australian sewist calls herself “The Pattern Whisperer” and it is a title well chosen. On her blog you can read thoughts and reflections about sewing, patterns, fabrics, colours, textiles, body shapes, wardrobes, etc.. All these blog posts are illustrated with cheerful, colourful pictures, taken by her husband Bruce, of her self-made outfits. What I love the most about her is the genuine look of her style. The confidence she shows is very inspiring.
I even had the opportunity to meet her, and Bruce, for real in my hometown of Ghent, which was an amazing experience. We chatted only a short time over a cappuccino but the connection was there. Even our self-made clothes had a similar pattern.


Anne Whalley

Meeting Anne Whalley was an amazing experience.


Secondo Piano

4. Secondo Piano || Sasha

Sasha is an Italian maker. I am totally in awe with everything she makes; her garments, her photos, her blog, her styling, her everything. She even has some free downloadable patterns on her blog. Because that is her philosophy:  “If you make it why not share it” ;). How could you NOT love this woman? Making ‘her Galleria Culottes’ could also be an inspiration for August Tribute Month of the Sewcialists.



5. Wanderstitch ||Sarah

Sarah, from London, just started blogging about a half year ago. What I like about her sewing is the use of magnificent prints! I like to think about her as a 30-years-younger me (sorry Sarah). I love the clothes she sews for her and for her husband but also her tattoos and her pink hair. Tattoos and pink hair wouldn’t work for me anymore but the use of the fabulous prints she uses, well… Making a coat in a striking fabric could be an inspiration for August Tribute Month of the Sewcialists.

These are only 5 examples of sewcialists who inspire me; there are so much more. Me, I only started blogging about my sewing encounters a half year ago. Be free to look around on my blog ‘What I Sew‘.

For even more inspiration, check out this post from Ali from Sew Intimates where she lists 5 bloggers who inspire her lingerie and bathing suit sewing!