Inspiration for Summer Sewing & Style

Hello everyone! I’m Regan Louise, and you can normally catch me at my blog, Solitude for Sewing. But today I’m here sharing my inspirations for Tribute Month, in no particular order.

First up is Jillian from SewUnravelled. I love her use of dramatic silhouettes and eye-catching fabrics. I particularly love her black floral wrap skirt. It’s a great bright floral, but not a traditional one. I also love the style lines of her Zig-Zag swimsuit!



Photos courtesy of Jillian Lang at Sew Unravelled, sketch by me (sorry about the lined paper!)

Jillian is known for her use of Japanese pattern books, so if I were to make something inspired by her, I might use one too. Otherwise I would pair a red, orange and green floral jersey with a solid and make a striking cocoon-style swim cover-up, possibly using the Inari dress as a base.

Secondly, I am inspired by Heather of Closet Case Patterns. I love her careful and deliberate details in outfits. I also appreciate her spare use of color. That’s especially evident in her Inari tee and Brume skirt. Also, her shoe game rocks!



Photo courtesy of Closet Case Patterns

If I were to make something inspired by Heather, I would make something that stands out! I would probably use the Nettie dress option, and then make a sheer, cropped overlay.

My final three inspirations are all students of some kind. If you’re interested in connecting with student sewing bloggers, check out the series I am starting on my blog, Stitching Students! I’m interviewing student sewing bloggers and Instagrammers from all over the world. So far, it’s gotten great feedback and participation!

My newest inspiration is definitely Harriet of Hobbling Handmade. While most of her makes are not quite my style, I do love her prom outfit! It’s almost enough to make me wish I had attended prom. I love the two pieces and how they could be mixed and matched with other garments. If I made something inspired by this, it would be a gold wintery crop top to wear with the crimson and cream winter skirts I’ve previously made. It would capture her simple vibe and coordinate-ability of her prom outfit.


Another inspiration is Haylee of Threaded. I adore how simple and beautiful her makes are and her use of lace. Color me enamored! If I were to make something inspired by her, I would copy her button-down midi dress, but use linen instead of satin, and maybe make it drop waisted with a sash around the waist.



Photos courtesy of Haylee Atkinson of Threaded.

Finally, Lauren of Lady Sewalot has inspired me for years. When I was looking through what she has made, I realized that about half of what I make has indirect roots from her! But one thing I have never copied is her brilliant denim jumpsuit.



Photos courtesy of Lauren of Lady Sewalot.

I think I would use that as inspiration, but my version would have more of a back than hers, maybe with overall-style straps.

Those are the sewing bloggers who inspire me, and I’m so happy that the blogosphere does exist! There are so many amazing sewists out there who I would never find otherwise. Thanks to everyone who let me use pictures, and thanks for having me here at the Sewcialists!