Around the World with 5 Inspirational Bloggers & Instagramers

For many years I have been sewing by myself, alone in my sewing room, without the slightest inkling that there are people like me out there. In fact unaware of a whole world of learning, sewcialising, sharing and encouragement available via the sewing blogosphere. So when I started my sewing blog,, in late 2014, it felt like I came into the light. Through my blog I reached out to hundreds of sewcialists all over the word, and in came an inexhaustible source of inspiration, ideas and possibilities.

So now I want to share with you five of the sewcialists that constantly make me save their makes for inspiration on Instagram, Bloglovin’ or Pinterest, and whom, to be honest, I sometimes end up copying. They will be my go-to for Tribute Month, because imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

I follow close to 500 blogs on Bloglovin’, so it was really difficult to choose just five (there are so many more that I want to give a shout out to). To keep things interesting, I’ve decided to take you on a world tour, a way of celebrating how diverse our sewcial universe really is.

1.  First stop is in the UK. I’m not taking you to London, but to Leeds, to meet Shauni, of The Magnificent Thread. She is the only one on my list that I have met in person, for a charity sewing event that I organised in Leeds. But that is not the reason I have included her here – it’s because I sometimes feel like we are style kindred spirits. I have sewn the same pattern as her by complete coincidence many times, and have been delighted when I saw her versions as well. Case in point is this Vogue V9186 pattern that I love to bits. I’ve made two different versions (here and here), but Shauni’s is the real deal. You would not believe by looking at her makes that she only started sewing 3 years ago! Shauni, you are my inspiration as you continuously strive to improve your skills and take on the next challenge!

Tribute Month nod: culottes

2. Next, I’m taking you across the world to Japan, to meet Eli from Cat in a Wardrobe. I first came across Eli on Pattern Review, when she was featured as Member in Focus. Funnily, it was the same V9186 that brought her to my attention, as I was looking of a review for it on PR. And then I saw her other lovely projects that continued to inspire me over the years. I chose to add Eli on my list because she often sews the same pattern in a few variations (and posts them in the same post), which is really great for inspiration and making you look at a pattern in a different light. And she makes the most amazing coats!! She also has beautiful photography (no, the cherry blossoms have nothing to do with it).

Tribute month nod: coats

3. My third choice brings us back to Europe, to beautiful Italy. Sasha, from Secondo Piano, came on my radar on Bloglovin’. I can’t remember if it was a recommendation from them, or someone mentioned her blog, but as soon as I had a first glance of her beautiful feed I just fell in love. Sasha is an artist, with a wide range of interests (not just sewing), but also creative pattern drafting, machine and hand knitting and weaving. She has the most beautiful photography and visual identity you could ever hope for in a blog. And of course, she makes wonderfully unique garments. But that is not the main reason she is my inspiration. Read this incredibly poignant post she wrote for Fashion Revolution. Sasha often voices thoughts on fashion, its impact on the environment and people who make the garments, consumption and our relationship with clothes that perfectly echo my own. She has a strong voice and is not afraid to use it. So Sasha, thank you for inspiring me in other aspects other than just sewing!

Tribute month nod: refashion & slow fashion

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My de rigeur #imademyclothes pic, designed and made: 1️⃣- #handknitted seamless jumper in linen viscose blend by #filaturadicrosa from @filati_elisa_cesselli 2️⃣- my #maker t-shirt in recycled Lacoste pique (from a couple of my man's old polo shirts – you know when the elastomer in the collar goes bad and you can't wear them anymore) you can see it a bit better #ONTHEBLOG (btw my #fashrev post is up! guesting about 30 of our talented and inspiring fellow sewists ✂️). 3️⃣- a tweaked version of my #galleriaculottes in vintage cotton cloth found in a storage space Have a nice weekend guys 😘 ____________________________ #sustainablefashion #diyfashion #sewingblogger #modasostenible #cucito #isew #iknit #knitting #knittingaddict #sewing @fash_rev @fash_rev_italia #ootd #diytshirt #diypants #knittersofinstagram

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4. The fourth stop is in Canada, to talk about an Instagrammer this time. Meet Morna, from Style of Construction. She is hands down my favourite person to follow on Instagram and I await her new posts with eager anticipation. If I were to take over anyone’s wardrobe without any changes, I think it would be Morna’s. She is the perfect embodiment of minimalist chic, which has been my goal for many years now. Morna takes amazing mirror selfies with unique style, which are never cringy or haphazard. She is a product designer in real life and she often creates her own patterns and designs that are bespoke and truly different. I can scroll through her IG feed forever (sorry, I start to sound like a stalker…). But thank you, Morna, for proving that minimalism is alive and well and unfalteringly stylish!

Tribute Month nod: ties

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💭💭💭 shirt made by me.

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5. My last stop takes us to the American South, in Birmingham, Alabama. I think this blogger really needs no introduction, as she has been a DIY style icon for many years now. I am talking about Erica Bunker. She is a staple of Pattern Review and I think she has pretty much sewn every Big 4 pattern out there. She is probably the blogger that has inspired me the most in the imitation=flattery department, as have bought loads of patterns to make similar looks to hers. She highlighted one of my favourite patterns ever, V9075, and I made a white one just like hers. Her skills are fantastic and I can only hope to be able to imitate that too, one day. So, thank you, Erica, for the continuous inspiration and I’m looking forward to your style discoveries for many more years to come!

Tribute month nod: latest fashions

Thanks for being part of my short tour around the world. I hope I helped you discover some sewcialists that maybe haven’t come across your radar yet, and provided some inspiration for Tribute Month. Go check them out and let me know what inspires you about them!


I’m Alex, a Romanian sewing in London, UK, contestant on the Great British Sewing Bee Season 3, and I blog at I love making new sewing friends, online and in real life, so don’t be shy to get in touch via the blog, Instagram (Sewredipity), Twitter (@sewrendipity) and Facebook (Sewrendipity). You can also follow me on Bloglovin’.