Sewcialist Inspiration by Red W Sews!

Hi everyone! I’m Becca, dedicated sewer, geek, mum, Yorkshire lass and blogger over at

So, the Sewcialists blog is back and it’s tribute month next month. Exciting times!

I wasn’t a regular sewist when the blog was previously active but have come across so many great posts that I’m really thrilled it’s back with some new challenges and inspiration.  Which brings me to this post: an inspiration post for Tribute month.

We have the most amazing online community around here to get inspired by so actually picking just 5 inspiring sewists has been quite hard work! But here goes nothing.

Dolly Clackett

No surprises here, right?  The ever fabulous Roisin is always mentioned whenever I meet other sewists.  Her selection of amazing prints, beautifully fitted dresses, rainbow hued clogs and statement jewellery never ceases to inspire and cheer me up.  I’ll admit to having bought some pieces of fabric purely because I’ve seen her look amazing in them: a girl can dream, right?

Taking Roisin as inspiration would involve a well fitted dress, possibly my favourite By Hand London Kim dress, paired with an amazing print: maybe this Alexander Henry skeletal print?

alexander henry

Sew Vee

Next up is another lady fond of a bright print or two; Vicki is the queen of all things African Wax Print and her incredible eye for colour and print matching is ever inspiring, be that in full on maxi dress style or pencil skirted loveliness.  Vicki is responsible for my trying this wonderful fabric out for myself, so I would definitely pick something out in wax print; perhaps this feathered beauty?

wax print

Madame Tifaine

Tif inspires me with her pure coolness; I’d love to be as stylish as this lady!  She is also eminently better at picking plain fabrics now and again and really making them work for her, letting the style of the garment do the work for her.  We also share a rather obvious love for Deer and Doe patterns, so more than once her latest make has had me reaching for my credit card!

Were I to take her as my tribute month inspiration, I would obviously pick something by Deer and Doe; potentially the Short Chataigne (as I’m envious of her ability to rock these with tights as winter wear) in something like this denim, since it’s summer!


Magnificent Thread

Shauni has a completely different style to me, and yet I love just about everything she makes.  She makes shapes and styles I would never even think of trying look awesome, which inspires me to think a little further outside the box!

As she is currently queen of the culottes (in my mind), it would have to be a pair of said garment, probably in a plain colour as I’m a little scared of these!


So, Zo…

Last but by no means least on this very abbreviated list of my inspirations is Zoe.  Zoe is the lady who taught me to sew with jersey, for which I am forever grateful! And it is her jersey creations which inspire me the most.

To take Zoe as my inspiration this month would require the creation of a classic Breton top.  There’s nothing quite like a striped jersey number so I would take the Tilly “Coco” top and some striped jersey and create a classic!

Hope that’s helped, I’m off to plan my makes! What would you be inspired to try when looking at the work of these lovely ladies?

Becca x