Sewing Bloggers & Vloggers that Tutor, Inspire and Nurture – by PsychicSewerKathleen !

Upon my return to sewing in 2014, it wasn’t long before I was surfing online for everything sewing.  I’ve been working online for 20 years (my first web site went live in 1997) so the internet is like my alternate home. Putting sewing together with the internet was a natural progression for me.  

After 2.5 years, I have accumulated a rather hefty array of bloggers and vloggers that I follow regularly. Probably like most people, I follow some for a while then move on to others.  When Gillian asked if we would like to share a post on our favourite 5, I was happy to participate. I’m excited to read the bloggers others will recommend since I’m always up for growing my list!


MakerStyle is Rachel’s blog where you’ll find links and descriptions to her Podcast which I highly recommend you listen to if you’re a podcast fan.  There is nothing I love more than to put on a sewing podcast and putter away at my sewing for hours on end!

Rachel as the creator of Maker Style is astonishing.  She’s 21 years old, works and attends college and has been blogging for 2 years. Recently she launched a new podcast series on blogging.  It’s a good starting place to ponder blogging, bloggers and whether this is something as a sewist you might like to do.  She has titled this series “The Blogger Blueprint”.  Once you’re on her site you’ll see links to her blog. Well organized, engaging and informative.


Handmade by Caroline is a blog I’ve been following for almost 2 years.  Caroline is a brilliant sewist. She blogs from Perth Australia. Detailed, exquisite taste and fabulous tutorials. I’ve learned a lot from Caroline!  Her self-deprecating wit and sense of fun always brighten my day.

The Fold Line is a blog written by Kate in the UK.  Kate also has a youtube channel I also highly recommend. Kate takes you through the latest trends, patterns, fabrics, book reviews, notions, events, contests – everything sewing related that’s happening now.  She’s simply fabulous. I haven’t missed an episode or post since I discovered her.

Diary of a Chainstitcher is created by Fiona who is a costume designer living in London, UK. She is another beautiful sewist.  Love her makes and guidance.

The Last Stitch is both blog and videoed by Johanna from Sweden.  She’s been sewing for many years and does everything from active wear, most of which she designs herself to shirts and sweaters.  She favours Burda patterns but will wander into others sometimes as well. She always uses lovely, high quality fabrics and is a joy to watch and listen to. I always look forward to Johanna’s posts!

LadyBird is created by Lauren in Nashville TN.  Lauren is a brilliant sewist. She sews trendy, often Indie and high quality. Her blog is hilarious. She is cheeky, confident and very open about who she is and what she does.  Another blogger I follow veraciously! There are tutorials on her web site that are excellent – if you live near Nashville you can take in person classes with her and she teaches yearly in New York City as well.


I Sew a Lot is a vlog videoed by Amanda in the UK.  She will modestly, and rather shyly admit after announcing her sewing plans for the next month, “That’s rather a lot”.  I burst out laughing. She sews A LOT.  Her love of sewing is palpable. She makes everything from shorts for her twin boys and husband to every garment she wears – pants, dresses, tops. She is a mother of twins and an older third child, works full time and she sews…and sews and sews.  I admire her tenacity, energy and talent.  She’s a force of nature.

Lauren Guthrie you might recognize as one of the contestants on the Great British Sewing Bee. This link will take you to her recent tutorial on sewing on a knit neckband.  She owns a fabric shop in Birmingham UK and has a youtube channel where she talks about new fabrics in her shop, patterns, and her recent makes. She also has some tutorials that are well done. Love her accent and patient, careful guidance.

Justine Leconte officiel is a French clothing designer living in Berlin. She is a prolific youtube vlogger posting up to 2 videos a week on everything from style to lifestyle. She’s entertaining, down-to-earth and just lovely to watch!  This is her video on Trends and where to find them!

Vintage on Tap is a young woman living, sewing and studying fashion in San Francisco, CA.  She loves sewing vintage style in dresses and tops and has some brilliant tutorials on fitting, altering patterns and fabric.  Her instructions are always easy to follow and useful!

Silhouette Patterns is a vlog hosted by Peggy who is the pattern designer at Silhouette and their patterns are excellent and inclusive for bust sizes B, C, and D cup.  I’ve been watching Peggy for a couple of years and she’s prolific! In .5 hr segments you wouldn’t believe what Peggy sews with such ease and grace.  She has extensive experience in front of the camera having hosted an educational TV sewing show for years and now hosts a couple of shows on youtube.  She’s been sewing for many years professionally but there’s nothing old fashioned about Peggy!  She sews trendy items and give you lots of suggestions re fit, pattern-hacking and alterations.  

Stitchy Bee is a vlog hosted by Cheryl in the UK.  Although last on my list, Cheryl is certainly not least!  I simply love Cheryl.  She is warm, engaging and sews garments you want to wear.  She works with lovely fabrics and constructs garments you probably will want to make for yourself.  She gives you detailed descriptions of the pattern and fabric so if you DO want to recreate her garments for yourself you can. I never miss a video release of Cheryl’s!

This list is hardly exhaustive.  I read and watch more but this group tops my charts.  If you’re too tired or just have too little time to get some sewing done for yourself, watching and reading this group will keep you inspired and in the mood for getting to it as soon as you can!

I am a practicing psychic tarot reader who LOVES to sew her own clothes. Find me at and Or better yet my sewing blog at !