Will you write for the Sewcialists?

SEWCIALISTS (5)A group blog doesn’t work very well with just one author… so I hope I can convince you (YES, YOU!) to write for the Sewcialists! 

Who can write for the Sewcialists? ANYONE! Rookie or expert, young or older, slim or curvy, of any nationality, race, linguistic background, gender or orientation.

You see, individual blogs empower us all to have a voice… but I feel that there are precious few online spaces that reflect the diversity of the sewing community. There’s the fabulous Curvy Sewing Collective (where I was an editor during my hiatus here), and the new Sew Sew Def magazine…  and of course places like Pattern Review or Facebook sewing groups are open to everyone. I love the sewing community, and I hope my small contribution can be to create a fun space where everyone can see themselves represented!

There are lots of ways you can contribute:

  • Read the posts and comment! A little encouragement goes a long way.
  • Let people know that the Sewcialist blog is back and we’re gearing up for Tribute Month in August! This blog still has some followers from the old days, but word of mouth would really help build the community. Maybe you could link to us in a post on IG or your own blog soon?
  • Write a post for a theme month! The blog will be focused on four theme months each year: August, November, February, and May. Each time, we’ll be looking for help creating inspiration posts, posts by people participating, and help making the final photo round-up. Email sewcialists@gmail.com or comment below if you’d like to write!
  • Help plan a theme month! What comes after August’s Tribute Month? If you want to help decide and plan it out, join “The Sewcialists Blog Team” Facebook group! Anyone is welcome, as long as they are onboard with the goal of this website to be a fun, inclusive space. All I’m asking is that you commit to writing at least one post per year!

In particular, I’m looking right now for people to write inspiration posts in July: sharing 5 bloggers who inspire you and what you’d make for Tribute Month if you picked them! No sewing or photography skills needed – just a chance to share about some of the awesome sewcialists who inspire you! Pretty please? Comment below or email sewcialists@gmail.com if you are interested!

How will you share your Sewcialist spirit?

**EDITED: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! We got more than 20 volunteers (honestly, I was hoping we could manage at least 3!) so I’m going to close the sign up for this theme challenge… but if you really want to write a post, perhaps you could write one on your own blog/IG to let people know about the theme month!**