Tribute August: who inspires eMHaTee?

Today I’d like to introduce you to Marlies, who blogs at eMHaTee.


Look at that gorgeous coat she made! We asked Marlies the same questions we asked Joanne and here are her answers:


What makes a sewing blog stand out in your blog reader?

I have a lot of blogs in my feed, on different subjects, for example sewing, crochet, home decoration and lifestyle. The headlines give me always the first impression on the subject of the blogpost. Clear and witty headlines make a blog stand out in my big list. Besides that I’m mostly a ‘looker’ not a ‘reader’, so pictures are very important to me. Clear pictures that show the garment are a must for me.

Which Sewcialists inspire you and why? What is it that is inspiring – style, technical skills, energy, etc?

First of all a big inspire to me is our lovely host herself; Inge from Her choice of fabric and pattern is equal to my likings so every make from her is a joy to watch! She lives nearby so her sewing’s are for the same climate. I always think it’s harder to sew for winter than for summer so I’m always looking for fall/winter attire inspiration.

Another big inspiration is Fiona from Chain Stitcher. She always has a nice energy in her pictures. She makes nice basics and that’s something I have to concentrate on more because that’s what you wear the most. Her monthly ‘indie pattern update’ is a very nice list of all the new sewing patterns to explore!

The third inspirational lady is Roisin from Dolly Clackett. This lady doesn’t need another introduction. I’m always looking for nice dress patterns, and because this lady makes them all, I can compare the different outcomes. Her daily Instagram pictures in her me-made-clothing makes me want to wear me made clothes every day too!

What are your favourite makes by your inspirational sewcialists?
All of Inge’s makes I could wear myself, so to pick one is a hard task. I picked this fabulous skirt because I love the outcome of this print with this pattern. I made a solid red Gertie skirt myself, and never thought of a printed one. And look how well it combines with cardigans!

Fiona’s dotted trench coat is so glamorous and well-made that that’s my favorite! A classic coat that can lasts for years, wow!

My favourite make of Roisin is hard to choose, her dresses are all beautiful!
I pick this one because it is inspiration for a dress I’m making to attend a wedding (soon on my blog) The placement of the fabric and the cut of the pattern are a perfect combination.

If you were going to sew in the style of one of those bloggers, what would you do?
I’m planning to make some winter-wardrobe-staples and I fell I love with Fiona’s White Russian sweatshirt from the new pattern company Capital Chic. Doesn’t that look stylish and comfortable?

It even looks great on a pencil skirt… that sounds as the best make for the coming winter!

How do other people inspire your sewing in general?
Other people inspire my sewing in the way they dress. They make combinations that I’ve never thought of, or they use color and print in a different way as I would do. That gives me new insight on how to build a garment in my wardrobe. I find these inspirations in blogs, in magazines, but also from people walking by on the street. In that way the world is full of inspiration!


Thank you Marlies for kindly letting us in on the sources of your inspiration (and for including me in it too, I am so honoured!) I’m looking forward to seeing your wedding attendee dress!