Tribute August: more inspiration

Goodevening! Well, in my part of the world it is. If else: goodmorning, goodafternoon, choose whatever is the most appropriate 🙂 Here I am with more inspiration for August Tribute month. I’ll tell you a little about who inspires me.


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First is someone I know in real life too: Antje, who blogs at Sewing – Vintage – Knitting. She is probably the most metriculous sewer I know, something I greatly admire. The detailing on her garments is always impeccable. Lace, bows, pintucks, they are all perfect. I’m not really a detail-oriented person but when I see the things she makes, I wish I was a little more. I love the latest dress she made, a red and white shirtdress.



Another blogger that inspires me is Tabatha Tweedie from Thread Carefully. She makes such pretty dresses, for herself as well as for her adorable little girl. I love her fabric choices and she has great fitting skills. I especially love this blue polkadotted dress she made:



Next is Smeida from SewMeow. She makes pretty dresses (among other things) that look pretty and perfect for everyday wear. And look at the Camí she made! Camí is one of my favourite patterns and when I see this one I totally want to make a fourth version of it. Also, check out the Bleuet dress she made, so pretty.



Can you tell I like dresses? 🙂


A fellow Japan-lover and next source of inspiration is Jenny from Rennous-oh-glennus. She made a pants block and turns it into some great fitting pants. She aaaalmost inspired me to try and make myself some real pants, other than shorts. If only I wasn’t so weary of the whole fitting proces. Please Jenny, make some more great pants to pull me over that line 😉




Kim from Reves Mecanique has also made some really inspiring garments. I love how she makes things in different styles and shapes and somehow it’s always very ‘her’. Besides her sewing adventures I love to read about her travels. Would it be ok if instead of a garment for Tribute August, I made a safari trip inspired by her? Look at her Watson coat, it’s stunning!



Last but not least someone that’s very inspiring to me is Sarah from The Creative Perfectionist (previously Rhinestones and Telephones). She has such a bright, fun style. She recently blogged about growing up and what that means to her style and I am so glad to see she got such fabulous comments on that post – wear what makes you feel pretty woman! The fact that she does just that inspires me. Plus: she is like the godmother of inspirational sewalongs, since she is the one that came up with the glorious idea of Sew Dolly Clackett!



Ok, enough about who and what insprires me. What about you?! Have you thought out a project yet? Decided who you want to put in the sewing spotlight? Please, tell us! Or, if you wish, you can keep it a secret and reveal it in the Flickr group when you’re all done!