Oonapalooza: Final Round-Up!

Hey there, Eileen here from Crafty Little Secret to bring you up to date on all the Oonapalooza action with a final round-up post! I can’t even believe all the beautiful, bright and bold Oona-inspired makes I’ve seen in the Flickr group and around the blogosphere last month. I think we all deserve a big pat on the back for finding our own answers to the question: What would Oona do?

(Sorry if I missed some of you, there were a few cases where sharing was not enabled and I couldn’t find a blog post to link up.)

1 Carmencita OonapaloozaCarmen of Carmencita B was at it again with this luchadore dress!

2 Caroline OonapaloozaCaroline of Caroline Paradigm Design made a bold and beautiful pleated Moneta.

3 Rachel OonapaloozaThese fun summer shorts by Rachel of Sew Rachel! make me wish I lived somewhere that got shorts weather.

4 Gillian OonapaloozaSewcialist Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow let her inner Oona take hold while having fun posing in her new Oona-inspired maxi.

5 Lelie OonapaloozaI am so amazed by all the beautiful bathing suits you ladies have been sewing up this summer like this Oona-inspired delight at A Bouquet of Buttons.

6 Kathy Sews Oonapalooza 6 Kathy Sews Oonapalooza2Kathy of Kathy Sews came up with two gorgeous Oona-ified makes this month!

7 Cari OonapaloozaFrom Oona’s own mouth about this tourist in Kalkatroona “ooooooh wiggly vavavoooom perfection! you look gorgeous, girl!”. Great job Cari!

8 Quirky Peach OonapaloozaQuirky Peach Sally lights up the beach in her Tropicana dress. One of my favorite things about Oonapalooza was just how much fun everyone was having posing in their makes!

9 Lori OonapaloozaI absolutely love the print on Lori’s dress. A woman after my Bohemian heart! Apparently the fabric is sold out so we will just have to content ourselves with coveting hers.

10 Lady Katza OonapaloozaRavishing in red, check out the details of this rosie Camino over at Peanut Butter Macrame.

11 Lisa G OonapaloozaI love the colors in Lisa’s Oonapalooza to the Max-i dress!

12 Melanie OonapaloozaMagpie Makery‘s Oonapalooza dress is a print explosion!

13 Natasha OonapaloozaAt the end of her blogpost about this fab skort, Tasha asks “Oona, or nah?”. Most definitely Oona.

14 Lorene OonapaloozaInspired by Oona’s wild side, Lorene of Goldpom drafted her own zebra print maxi skirt.

15 Sue OonapaloozaSue at A Colourful Canvas said it best: “[These pants are] what can happen when Oona whispers in my head!”. Keep whispering Oona, it’s working!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey, that’s me! Oona’s signature ballsiness inspired me to take a risk with the print and making major pattern adjustments for this tangerine dream. I’m so glad I did, thanks Oona!

17 Winnie OonapaloozaI don’t think Oonapalooza would have been complete without a Scruffy Badger‘s take on the inspiration. Just like Oona, Winnie shows she is a wiz with pattern placement with this outfit!

18 Marmota OonapaloozaMarmota is stunning in stripes in her historial Oozapalooza outfit!

All Style and Substance OonapaloozaAnd squeaking in under the wire is a beautiful dress from All Style and All Substance!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Oonapalooza, I hope you had as much fun as I did! I read a blog post today about natural vs. forced smiles and how much more beautiful we all look with our naturals smiles. I think that Oona’s greatest gift to us all is putting a big ol’ natural smile on each of our faces with the joy and exuberance in every outfit she makes.

Thanks Oona!

(PS. Check out  Oona’s ‘Palooza Pinterest board and her round-up of the ‘Palooza in Kalkatroona on Monday)