Sewcialists, you are the best!

Wow, guys. I’m blown away at the response to my post this afternoon! Thank you SO much to all the people who stepped up and offered to help. (And of course, more help is always welcome!)

Through a flurry of tweets, comments and emails, we now have the following sewalongs to look forward to!

  • August: Make something based on a blogger that inspires you! (Hosted by Inge from IngeMaakt and Alison from Another Little Crafty Creation!)
  • September: Scraptember! Turn your scraps into something eco-friendly and wearably awesome! (Hosted by Morgan from Crab and Bee!)
  • October: Grease! Inspired by the classic movie. (Hosted by Claire from Sew, Incidentally and Jo from Sew Little Time!)
  • November: Sew costumes or everyday clothes inspired by Disney and Pixar! (Hosted by Becky from Sew and So and Katie from KatieKadiddlehopper!)
  • December: Take a break – nothing on this month. 
  • January: Polka Dots! Everyone needs polkadots, right? (Hosted by Marrie from Purls and Pleats!)

There’s also talk of a costuming/cosplay challenge in the winter or early spring… would anyone like to help Lady K out with that?

On top of that, several people have offered to help with posts and roundups, including Eileen from Crafty Little Secret, Nisha from Blue Sunday Blog, and Charlotte from English Girl at Home. (Gosh, I hope I didn’t miss thanking anyone there! Let me know if I did!)

I really can’t explain how much it means to me that people want to take on the challenge of writing posts and running challenges – except to say that this morning I was thinking of giving up on the blog, and now we’ve got 6 months of awesomeness lined up! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sewcialists, you are the best! If anyone else feels inspired to write a post, start a series of posts about something, or run a theme, just leave a comment below or email me at . There is always room for more awesome!