More Oona-insight, from Wanett at Sown Brooklyn!

Today is the third and last of my get-to-know-Oona interviews with NYC bloggers. Today we’ve got the seriously kind-hearted, creative and passionate Wanett from Sown Brooklyn. I love following her Instagram feed, because it’s a constant stream of art, social critique, awesome family art projects, killer daily fashion and of course, sewing! Clearly I’m not her only admirer, because Heather Lou from Closet Case Files named her Nettie body suit after Wanett!
(Wanett, on a Mood shopping adventure with Oona and others…) 
Here’s what Wanett has to say about Oona:
Oona in three words: delightful, kind, colorful.
Classic Oona: Oona’s style is all about print, pattern, color and textures. In large doses and in as many combos as possible in the one outfit ;o) In my mind, she is so connected with those elements of style that I instantly think of her when I see certain looks. Usually, it’s how she would rock it with more flair than the current representative. Despite knowing her well and appreciating her unique sense of style, her combos still surprise me. Fabric shopping with her is never, ever dull.
Borrow from Oona: This one is tough! Because she has made some seriously, amazing and awesome stuff! Choosing just one isn’t the only hard part, imagining anyone but her in her makes is near impossible. If forced, if pushed, if cajooled into choosing one thing…this her By Hand London maxi length Victoria coat.  oonaballoona: seen through the eyes of iris….Majorly stunning!! So much so, I’m inspired to use cuss to adequately express my admiration (and I would, if I were posting on my blog ;D)!
Thanks Wanett! 
On a side note, I want to say how important I think it is that the sewing community is celebrating itself and each other with things like the Nettie Bodysuit, or  the Sew Dolly Clackett challenge for Rosin’s wedding this spring. We ARE awesome, both as a team and individuals, and I dream of our community being confident and caring enough that we can celebrate inspiring individuals without making anyone feel lesser in comparison. I want us to be brave enough to say “Yes, I AM good at that!” and “Yes, I AM particularly talented at something!”  I really admire Wanette, Roisin, and Oona for letting the community celebrate them, and for supporting people who are taking joy in their inspiration. That’s not easy to do, but it gives the rest of us an chance to experiment and helps build the community stronger. So thank you, awesome people, for being awesome. Whether or not we have a month or a pattern named after us or not, we are awesome, unique, talented and important. Let’s celebrate that together.