A Little Oona Insight… from GingerMakes!

Oonabaloona: Who is this woman, really? Could she possibly be as bubbly as she sounds in her blog? When Oonapalooza was proposed as this month’s theme, I thought I’d better dig a little deeper. After all, I’ve never met her!  With that in mind, I called on a few NYC bloggers who know Oona (Marcy, though my brain CANNOT think of her as with name!).
First up is the equally exuberant Ginger from GingerMakes! (Her coffee-fueled expressions from Me-Made May cracked me up every day!)
(Ginger in the red, Oona on the far right, with bonus Suzanne of beau baby, Wanett of sown brooklyn, and Peter of male pattern boldness
1. How would you describe Oona in 3 words?
Oona, in three words, is vibrant, vivacious, and larger than life (OK, that’s a few extra words… sue me!).
2. What style elements make something classically Oonaish?
Her personality and her style really go hand-in-hand.  A typical Oona piece, to me, is experimental and playful. Bold prints and bright colors are her signature, usually both in one piece! She’s not bound by a particular silhouette or shape, although I especially love her in draped, flowy styles.
3. If you could borrow something from Oona’s closet for a day, what would you choose?
I really love her mini mountain dress, [above] but if I could abscond with just one thing from her wardrobe I’d grab her Anna Sui maxi [below] and run! That dress is a perfect example of her gift for maximizing fabric’s potential. She always makes it work for her!
Thanks so much to Ginger for answering my questions! And speaking of inspiring bloggers… Ginger is certainly one herself! So genuinely kind and supportive of others in the sewing community, and a really active commenter on tons of blogs. Always trying new silhouettes and ideas, from tomboy to chic. (Also, apparently far taller than I guessed!) Girl, I wish you lived near me!
Next up, some insight from another NYC blogger! Until then, happy sewing!
Photos thanks to  Oona’s blog.