Oonapallooza Inspiration!


Ready to get inspired? As I posted about yesterday, we’re declaring July to be Oonapallooza – a celebration of bright, bold, and joyous clothing!

Oona has a great “closet” page on her blog with links to all of her makes . (I wish I was that organised!) Here are a couple of my favourites that just scream OONA!

(Click on the picture to link to her blog posts)

What I personally love about Oona’s me-mades is that they run the whole gamut from retro fitted formal wear to everyday jersey maxis, right through to fashion-forward gotta-be-brave-to-wear-that ensembles. There’s something for everyone! After all, we’re not suggesting you make an Oona costume – but it’s the perfect chance to try something new! Experiment, push boundaries, and get out of the comfort zone.

How about:

  • a bold colour scheme (like lavender and orange!)
  • print mixing (like this or this)
  • using a pattern Oona has used, but in a  fabric that works for you
  • matching a ladylike pencil skirt or dress with an unexpected fabric
  • improvise a pattern on the fly! (like this!)
  • POSE LIKE OONA! Do it. I double dare you!
  • add the colour orange!

I hope that gives you some ideas!

Of all the outfis above, which one overlaps most with your own personal style? See anything you’d like to steal from her closet? 

(Myself, I’d take the floral navy maxi and the Aladdin onesie! 😉