#ShieldmaidenMarch: The Roundup

Shieldmaiden Hwaet

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Now that we’re firmly into April (when did that happen? I could’ve sworn it was February the last time I looked) it’s time to round up the contributions for last month’s theme – #ShieldmaidenMarch! This is a fairly tiny roundup – it looks like fewer people were able to participate than wanted to, and it was a bit of a niche theme anyway. Onwards!

Sølvi of delfinelise started us off with a brilliant introductory post on what the Vikings wore, and concluded it by hosting a giveaway of some of her handmade tablet-woven trims.

I was lucky enough to snag one of them, and put it on a Viking-style kyrtill (tunic). Here I am clowning around with a sword:

A kyrtill for #ShieldmaidenMarch

Gillian also used hers, on a gorgeous Viking dress/apron combo:

Shieldmaiden dress & apron

Katie at kadiddlehopper also made a dress and apron … for Barbie! (Also: Viking Princess Barbie exists. Katie’s is way better.)

Viking Barbie!

Bonus feature: Becky from Sew and So showed off some previous shieldmaiden makes, and very fine they are too:


And that’s it for March! See you in a month for #PinkApril!