Blue, Blue February!

Sew Blue February!

This has been a crazy winter – and an equally crazy summer in parts of the southern hemisphere! In the part of Canada where I live, we’re regularly getting temperatures of -25 and colder, and school buses have been cancelled 10 times since Christmas because it’s too cold for them to start! (Which means I’m still at school, just with only half the kids!) But clearly the weather can’t stop the Sewcialists, because the flickr group is filling up with Blue February sewing!

Instead of waiting until the end of the month for a wrap up, I thought I’d try doing one mid-way. Let’s see what people have been sewing!

First up, Helen from SewStylish made this Jungle January/Blue Feb Plantain…

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

…and Ginny also fell for Plantain – 4 times!!!! Don’t they fit perfectly on her?

Blue Plantain

burnout plantain

D&D Plantain

Jungle Plantain

But wait! There’s more! Becky made a Plantain, Thurlows, and an infinity scarf!

Plantain Back

Navy Denim Thurlows

Infinity scarf
Katie’s (Myra’s?) Barbie is the luckiest girl around this winter!

Simplicity 6208

Shannon made a really cute indigo dress…

Another Indigo Linen Dress

…and Katie made a bunch of shirts for her kids! (Barbie can’t get all of Mama’s love! 😉

Ottobre 06/2010-15 tee shirt

I’d never heard of 100th Day (the 100th day of school) until iIstarted teaching young kids – Is it something celebrated outside North America?

Ottobre 01/2010-24

Sally’s bright skirt makes me long for spring…

Vogue Divine Details

…and Roisin takes the world by storm (terrible joke, I’m sorry) in her map dress. Perfect for a trained teacher!

Claudia Jean dress

I think Lizzie is trying to make us all move to Australia, land of gorgeous beaches and year-round sundresses…

Sacre Bleu Hazel

I’m not quite sure if Teresa’s striped dress is blue or grey, but it’s too pretty to leave out!

striped dress closeup

How awesome is Cari’s Victorian Bathing Suit dress? Sewing Cake from head to toe – that’s my kind of girl!

Victorian Bathing Beauty Outfit

And Vanessa made a great paisley Sorbetto over here!

After Blue February comes SHIELDMAIDEN MARCH! There is a truly amazing shared Pinterest board which is open to anyone who wants to gather inspiration. For fun, we made a few versions of the graphic below, which are now uploaded into the flickr group – and you can even make your own by adding text to the blank speech bubble version!

Shieldmaiden Ungentle


Happy sewing!