Green December Roundup: Separates!

#greendecember - large

It’s round-up time! Well, ok, it’s well past December and therefore well past round-up time… but better late than never, right?

There were lots of great projects for #greendecember. There’s something great about a theme so general that everyone can take it in their own direction! First up, here are the seperates. We’ll be back with the dresses in another post!

(Click on the picture to link through to the sewist’s blog or their original post in the Flickr group.)

Peggy Skirt in Wool Blend - Green December!!

Green Style Arc Elle Pants

Green Blouse and Plaid Jumper

Sleeveless Grainline Studio Archer

Be a Grinch Apron from Sew4home

Green December Skirt

Slytherin Coat
BWOF 04/2009-112

green poofy skirt


DIY alligator stuffed animal
Lace Color Blocked Scout Tee
Green December (January, actually ;)


plus a few more in the flickr group:

Great projects, eh? And plenty of inspiration for next month’s theme: BLUE FEBRUARY! (followed by Shieldmaiden March, and Pink April…)

Speaking of upcoming challenges: I’ve been trying to put together a page where you can always check what is up next, but I’m having some technical issues. I made the page, but there is no link to it from the blog! I’m not a WordPress blogger myself, so I don’t know if it is just the theme that doesn’t allow pages, or if I’m doing something wrong. Help, please!

One last thought: I started these photo round-ups without formally asking everyone’s permission. I figure that if you share your photo in Flickr and set the privacy settings to allow me to get HTML embedding code, then you must be ok with us using your pictures. (In a dream world, I would contact everyone before the post, but well… that would be really time-consuming, and these posts take enough time as is!) Is that ok? Please do speak up if it isn’t!