How’s Everyone Doing with Sew Green December?

December is officially half over and we are all up to our necks in Christmas present sewing, planning holiday parties, attending holiday parties, traveling, and the general escalating chaotic mess that marks the passage of time in the last month of the year.


Take a breath

Take a pause

Sit down with a cuppa tea, coffee, wine, rum, WHATEVER, and take a few moments for yourself.

You’ve earned it! You deserve it!

That cookie doesn’t need to be iced this second. That present doesn’t need to be wrapped this minute.


Feel better yet?

Now that you have cleared your head and caught your breath, lemme ask you,

How are you doing with Sew Green December?

ImageOh, you already stitched a fantastic frock to to wear to the office Christmas party?

Fantastic!! Please share in the Flickr pool and on your blog (if you have one) so we can oooh and aaaah!

Still working on it? Remember that while you are trying to do a million things for everyone else this holiday season you NEED to take care of yourself too. Take a few minutes today or tomorrow to work a little on your project. No worries if it’s not done by the new year, we’ll wait for you 🙂

Haven’t started yet? Why not now? Your head is cleared, you’ve got a cuppa tea. Whatcha want to make? Go check out your stash. Is there a lovely piece of fabric in there (all green, teeny bit of green, doesn’t matter) begging to be made into a new garment just for you?

Carpe Diem! Grab that fabric and start creating!

Totally overwhelmed by holiday responsibilities? No worries. Can you sneak in a little green in an unselfish sewing project? That counts too 🙂

If not, we’ll be waiting when the storm clears and the new year begins.

Happy Sewing


Happy Holidays!