Grunge Round-Up!

Join us for a Grunge Sewalong in November!

December is already over half way! I can’t believe next week we’ll be celebrating Christmas…

So about time we did the round-up of the #Grunge sew-a-long so we can start concentrating on our makes for #Greendecember!

I loved this theme, although I didn’t join in on the fun of making something. Grunge is a very often recurring music type in our house… My man is a bit of a grunge-aholic with his internet radio streaming GRUNGE FM and his records of Pearl Jam on repeat, and apparently grunge is already a fashion-style old enough to have a revival… So this Sew-a-Long couldn’t have come at a better time.

But before we start our round-up I would like to share with you ‘3 Ways to be Grunge’. I love -but find it at the same time a bit disturbing- that ‘Looking the Part’ is number 1 and ‘Listen to the Music’ only made it to second place… Who writes these things anyway?

But I guess those of you who joined in, nailed number 1. These ladies are definitely Looking the Part!

First up, something I wasn’t expecting… A flanel skirt!

I love the contrat of the tough flanel with the lace!

Becky made a blue plaid shirt, and her grunge-history sounds a lot like mine! I really like that shirt. You can tough it up like in this picture, or just button it up for a more polished casual look!

When I first saw these pictures, I was a little scared of the fierce look in Kadiddlehopper’s eyes… But if you have ever seen other pictures of this woman, you know you have nothing to fear… Not just the shirt was made especially for this challenge, but the t-shirt is hand-made as well! Love that t-shirt, definitely an inspirational make! (Even though I am not the biggest Nirvana fan out there… Sorry for the blasphemy!)

Now this here, may be my personal favourite, I definitely had a difficult time deciding what picture to choose… They all have an unbelievable authentic grunge-feel to them! And can you believe she has a road sign that says YIELD ?! Talk about a Pearl Jam-tribute! Way to go, Anne!

Maeve has 2 grunge inspired outfits to show us. The dress really caught my eye!

~Grunge Sewalong, Maria Denmark Skirt, Audrey in unst Cardi and Black DMs.


And last but not least, a classic look for all you grunge-people out there!

So thanks Gillian, for your cry for help đŸ˜‰ on Twitter last week, and for having me over on the Sewcialist-blog for this round-up! I have -again- added to my long list of blogs to follow!

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for 2014 for you and your families and see you for the next challenge!