#SewRedOctober Round-up: Separates!

Hi Everyone! You ready for the next set of #SewRedOctober photos? This time we’re doing separates. I have to say I’m tickled pink (or red, as the case may be) that so many people joined in the fun. And please keep posting any red projects to the Sewcialists Flickr post. If we get enough we’ll do another round up to share here with you! You can either click the photo to head on out to their blog or hit the links below.

By Hand London Polly Top and Culottes

Nice color blocking, and sassy shoes too!

Red October 3

This makes me happy just looking at it. #crankysysadmin approves!

Red Diagonal Striped Scout Tee

Life is never complete until you have nautical stripes and a furfriend.


Oh, Sassy lady in a red skirt. Red, the perfect autumn neutral!


Check out the cardi and shoe matching! I’m gonna steal this cardigan when she’s not looking.

I love this top and the sassy hat! But I’m mad because you obviously live where its warm right now. #crankysysadmin will now turn up the space heater and pout in envy.

Emma's Winter SWAP

Emma's Winter SWAP

Our resident Kid_MD makes me wish I were two feet tall so she’d sew for me.




Not only is she sexy and talented, I think we wear the same size. I’m totally raiding her closet.

This would totally look great on my bed, despite my room is decorated in purple.

Everyone should have a red surplice dress. Everyone. <3

Wonder twin powers activate, form of CHAMELEON! *wild applause*

Stop being so adorable in polkadots, you’re making me jealous.

Do not gamble with this teacher, she’ll beat the house every time.

**Because of security setting, Flickr sometimes doesn’t let me grab the HTML code for some pictures – so go check them out on their blogs instead!

Susie Homemaker MD

C Sews

Two lovely makes by Mercury Handmade

Jo Sews

Sew Tell