Grunge Sewalong!

This November, we’re heading back to the 90’s, digging out our Docs, and sewing Grunge-inspired clothing!

Join us for a Grunge Sewalong in November!

You can sew any pattern  you want, from plaid shirts to babydoll dresses. Be totally authentic, or adapt grunge to make it new. It’s your choice!

Use the hashtag #grungesewalong on Twitter or Instagram, and when you are done, don’t forget to upload your pics to the Sewcialist Flickr group! If you happen to blog about the sewalong, you are welcome to use the graphic above!

What grunge music are you going to listen to while you sew? Post us a link in the comments below, or share your sewing plans! If you aren’t into grunge, what were you listening to instead?